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Providing Comprehensive Long Term Care Instruction Across Washington 


Rita “Terri” Brandley RN, MHPE, BSN

Our Mission

Enable our clients to provide quality of Care and Life services through high quality education. 

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WA State DSHS Long Term Care Courses

  • Dementia Specialty Care

  • Mental Health Specialty Care

  • Adult Education

  • Nurse Delegation

  • Diabetes Delegation (Specialized Nurse Delegation)

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

Class Schedule & Fees

Classes can range from one-on-one for individuals or larger group sessions for facilities that need to train their staff members. 

Schedules are flexible and can be set based on student needs. For information on class fees, group rates, and availability, please contact us below!


COVID19 Learning

While we continue to work through the current Covid19 pandemic, we provide virtual classes via Zoom to allow students to remain safe while attending our courses. 

A phone or computer camera  is required during the course, so please ensure you have a suitable device to attend these courses from home or another location with a good internet connection. 

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Contact Us For More Information 

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